Leader’s manifesto

NaPoWriMo day 6…anything can be poetry, right? I wrote this for myself as a set of standards going into a new leadership position at my job.


As a shift leader

I will embody the fruits of the Spirit and will keep myself in humility as I strive to model Jesus’ example of a servant leader.

I will first commit to love all I work with

In word and deed.

I will enter each shift with joy evident

In my attitude

And strike out complaining.

I will display peace as I keep a level head

In tumultuous situations

And make and keep peace with others.

I will choose to be patient with coworkers, both those

Under my supervision and other leaders.

If I am frustrated, I will think before I speak

And if speaking is necessary, I will say it lovingly.

I will be kind, understanding when someone is having a rough day

And do my best to make their burden easier.

I will be faithful in keeping my word and working

Consistently diligently.

I will be gentle when giving correction.

I will have self-control when I am tempted to take

The easy way out

Or cut corners in work or relationships.


I will uphold a standard of integrity,

And discourage gossip.

I will encourage others every day.

I will act intentionally.

I will not be afraid to ask for help when I need it,

Nor be afraid to try.


I will be humble in every interaction, remembering

Who I’m serving:

Others, not myself, and

Ultimately God.


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