NaPoWriMo day 5.


it’s that pit of nerves in your gut

asking questions without words

the future looms like

a curve in the road, out of sight


it’s the stirring of the wind

upon the waters of the sea

the sailboat bobbing slightly

tugging at its moorings


it’s your heart thumping a stutter

as a car climbing in speed after a stop

everything around you has a

different tint; a crinkle at the edges


it’s the sense of possibilities

without the knowledge of what type

it’s a flutter of excitement

but hopes tempered for softer failure


it’s the feeling that tags along

with nearly every second chance

the feeling that takes hold

when you don’t know what’s ahead



unsettledness of the soul–

unless you settle on Christ.

unknowns hid from view–

unless you know the One who sees.

maybe uncertainty

isn’t so uncertain at all

when you know the One who is certainty.


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